Valuations in Australia are conducted under different legislative regimes.

In Queensland and Western Australia, State Legislation exists to allow Registered Valuers to conduct sworn valuations for all types of property.
(The same applies in New Zealand).

In Queensland, all valuers Registered under the State Act are administered by the Valuers Registration Board (VRB). In Western Australia, all valuers Registered under the State Act are administered by the State Valuer General.

In other States the original State Legislation which allowed valuers to obtain a Statutory Registration, have largely been repealed in recent years (the most recent being NSW, which occurred in 2016). In place of the Statutory registration, legislators have opted for an Industry based registration and regulation system- which is administered by the Australian Property Institute (API).

The API maintains a role of regulating valuers throughout Australia. Regardless of the State Jurisdiction, Valuers are required to maintain membership of the API (most commonly “AAPI” or “Associate of the Australian Property Institute”) and also participle in an annual Continuing Development Program (CPD).

In Queensland, notwithstanding a Valuer may be Registered under the Act, continuing Annual Registration can only be achieved if an Annual CPD Certificate (issued by the API) is maintained.

Valuers employed by PHV carry both AAPI and CPV status. In addition, Chris Kogler is also Registered in New Zealand.